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Data & AI

Big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become
foundational elements in transforming businesses across various industries, offering profound advantages and
unlocking new opportunities. Building a solid base in data and AI is crucial for those looking to innovate, outperform and thrive in the constantly changing environment

Data governance reimagined and maximized

However, it’s vital to rethink existing processes to leverage all the opportunities and maximize your technology and AI investments. If the data within the organization is scattered or of poor quality, it becomes impossible to utilize it effectively. So, the key to success is ensuring data quality and reliability, its effective processing, usage and sharing, along with other elements of data governance and master data management. Only through these steps can data and AI be fully leveraged.

At Axellect, we propel businesses from merely exploring data and AI to getting actionable insights and tangible value. Our expertise lies in leading organizations to success in leveraging big data and AI by optimizing their data architecture, talent and processes for a transformative journey. We provide an extensive array of data-related services and products for our clients, from developing a Data & AI strategy to its comprehensive implementation and ongoing support.

SCM as a value creation

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    We offer

    Data & AI strategy

    We help our clients to evaluate and benchmark their current data capabilities and become data-driven by implementing a complex AI and data strategy, leveraging modern data and cloud platforms, agile analytics and transformative data culture

    Data governance

    Axellect establishes a data governance function to develop an appropriately scaled operating model for data management, design business processes, policies and principles in the data field and integrate tools for data cataloguing, data quality and data modelling

    Master Data Management

    We implement a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy and tools to establish unified «golden records» for individuals, locations or entities by consolidating data from diverse internal and external sources. This approach ensures a reliable foundation for data quality, compliance, operational efficiency, accelerating innovation and enabling informed decision-making across the entire organization

    Data warehouse engineering & architecture

    Axellect helps to design a future-ready data architecture and develop strategies to migrate and update legacy data warehouses to the cloud

    Data science & AI capabilities

    We help to generate, evaluate, prioritize and implement scalable AI solutions that deliver game-changing results quickly. We also support our clients in their journey to leveraging Generative AI with Gen AI accelerators and a range of proprietary Gen AI products

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