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The banking industry is conditioned upon an array of unsettling factors. The COVID-19 outbreak, crises in the financial sector, and sanctions pressure – a lot to intensify competition and favor banks being ready to adopt innovation and non-standard solutions. And it is not just about digitalization. Shares and profits flowing out of the banking sector into the tech industry, to name a few, force the search for and implementation of more relevant business models

Banking business prospects

The changes and challenges in the banking sector justify bold decisions and new forms of cooperation. It is time to question established conventions and reexamine your markets in terms of key success factors. Our company offers assistance in the creation of business and IT strategies, as well as the development and implementation of high-tech solutions for maximum efficiency

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    We offer

    We provide solutions that help banks and payment systems be aligned with the times and make other entities involved in the banking process more successful

    Banking system

    We create intelligent "connected" banking systems ready for flexible transformations in the future


    Axellect helps commercial and private lenders through workflow transformation that guarantees success in the digital economy

    Banking and cloud services

    Our experts will offer efficient strategies and instruments to make the most of cloud technology and cover migration, management, and security issues

    Open Banking concept

    We offer processing of advanced data streams to help banks create more relevant and personalized products and services

    Sustainable banking

    Axellect specialists are there to develop and implement a set of sustainability initiatives to provide the customer with all the benefits of an industry leader

    Smart manufacturing

    Our experts optimize process models in banking using smart technologies to reduce costs and improve performance at the same time

    Customer experience

    We help banks improve the customer experience, increase the efficiency of the sales funnel, and automate the customer journey by means of digitalization

    Risk Management & Cybersecurity

    Our experts are ready to train banks in managing technology and analytics, complying with rules, and avoiding cyber threats and financial fraud

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