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Consumer goods and services

Large-scale changes are taking place in the consumer goods industry due to the introduction of innovations, the transformation of global supply chains and the raw material base, changes in consumer demand, and so on

Along with the changes, new market opportunities are opening up, stimulating the creation of alternative business models and expanding spheres of influence. It is also of particular importance to increase competitiveness, including through digital transformation and the introduction of new technologies

Industry prospects

The "Era of brands" is coming to an end. According to the new business models of leading companies, consumers begin to play a special role at each stage, acting as investors, producers, content creators, marketers and even sellers

Now there are only two ways in the field of consumer goods: either returning to the position of a simple manufacturer, or digital transformation using data that will help rethink interaction with customers, win a new place in their lives and form trade relations of the future

What is the reason for the change? The events of recent years and new technologies have changed lifestyles and consumption patterns. Threats to the industry have worsened due to declining margins, as well as rising costs for personnel, advertising, raw materials, and supplies

Companies in the consumer goods industry now have two paths: either returning to the position of a mere manufacturer, or digitalizing using data to help rethink interactions with customers, reaffirm their critical place in their lives, and shape the trading relationships of the future

  • Work on increasing the efficiency of business processes and logistics automation to reduce costs
  • Using the omni-channel model of large retailers for a more efficient use of all resources
  • Emphasis on in-house developments for logistics automation due to the difficulties of adapting off-the-shelf solutions
  • Release of storage space, transportation resources, and personnel due to the departure of some players from the market

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    We offer

    We are there to help companies rethink their value proposition to consumers, define a new digitalization strategy, undertake large-scale business model re-engineering, and implement or develop automation technologies

    Digitalization strategies and IT strategies

    Our experts will create an IT strategy, taking into account risks and business goals, audit the IT landscape, develop a localization strategy with the selection of specific solutions, determine the IT operating model

    SAP platform solutions

    We are ready to implement large-scale projects to introduce platform solutions, including pre-project assessment, detailed design, implementation, staff training, and application support. On top of that, our experts will offer audits of implemented solutions, development and refinement, extension of functionality, and upgrading selected solutions

    Infrastructure consulting

    Our experts will help not only implement the infrastructure from scratch, but also improve the maturity of existing infrastructure by bringing it in line with today's technological requirements and criteria for information security

    Applied analytics and artificial intelligence

    We are ready to design and implement data warehouses, develop data strategies, offer an operating and management model for Data&AI centers, and create advanced analytics solutions

    Integrated planning

    Axellect experts will design planning hierarchy, data model, communication structure, S&OP model and develop automation requirements aimed at maximizing margins of business

    Customer experience

    Experts of our company together with customers create concepts of customer service, conduct customer and marketing analysis, and help develop and implement the E-com strategy

    Service-oriented technology solutions (TMS, WMS, SRM, MES, SRM)

    Our experts will help customers conduct a business case analysis, select a vendor and conduct a maturity analysis, develop an architecture, and implement the necessary IT solutions

    Custom development

    Our experts are there to create a personalized design of IT solutions for the customer and conduct their custom development, taking into account all specifics of the business

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