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Oil & gas

The oil and gas industry traditionally belongs to technologically complex and knowledge-intensive industries. Overcoming existing challenges requires companies to transform their experience into the new realities of Industry 4.0. This process is accompanied not only by basic investments, but also by the introduction of advanced digitalization tools, such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and comprehensive solutions that include integrated planning and digital twin production

Industry prospects

We help companies develop comprehensive solutions that cover the entire production chain, from field and transportation to refining and distribution locations. Our proposed approaches take into account such aspects as personnel, tools, and technology

Helping businesses achieve high performance in today's environment, we create and implement advanced import-substituting software products

With 15+ years of experience
in digitizing Oil & Gas, Axellect
delivers strategy, consulting
and digital transformation
services to make the Energy
sector efficient and sustainable

  • Integrated planning for production and logistics for Oil & Gas
  • Digitalization of production processes and equipment
  • Big data and Digital Twin solutions, including drilling operations
  • Process optimization, F&A, HR, procurement, plant maintenance
  • Major platform implementation: SAP, MES, etc.


We implement

our own SCP platform

We do custom development

with ML/AI capabillities
upon request

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    We offer

    Axellect provides a full range of services related to digitalization
    and technological business support for oil and gas companies


    We create, develop, and maintain business strategies for our customers and help them maintain their leadership position in the industry

    Supply chains

    Our intelligent supply chain solutions reduce the amount of inventory required and increase availability at the same time

    Oil and gas refining

    The advanced smart technologies we implement at oil and gas refineries bring fast and significant results

    Trading and commercial operations

    Our consulting services help reduce costs and provide quality risk management, which makes our customers' businesses more efficient

    Sales and marketing

    Our experts help companies change their approach to supply chain and retail services, such as service at gas stations, using advanced technology solutions

    ERP in the oil and gas industry

    We use import-substituting enterprise resource planning systems that play an important role in digitalization

    Key Facts


    experts help design and operationalize a new digital&AI-based operating model to effectively manage a digital transformation journey


    professionals help in providing relevant transformation in the back office process with a focus on achieving business efficiency


    professionals with deep industry knowledge combined with functional and IT expertise deliver digital solutions implementation


    experts develop and implement E2E analytical projects, from BI to AI

    IROC (Intelligent Remote Operation Center) and
    Digital Twins solutions bring tangible value in:



    • 3–5% reduction in O&M costs
    • 5–10% less E&C labor hours
    • 6–10% decrease in expansion / revamping cost


    • 5–10% acceleration in project completion
    • Avoiding overruns


    • 5% increase in ROCE across the portfolio
    • 1%–2% benefit in net revenue cash flow


    • Improvement in asset failure prediction with better insights
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