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Capital markets

It is no exaggeration to say that a new era is opening for the capital markets today. Technological innovation and alternative digital value chains in capital markets are changing the fundamentals of the industry and forcing every company in the financial market to rethink their operating and business models

Our Capital Markets practice experts, backed by analytics and long-term experience in global strategy development, help companies review business strategies, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency. We help our customers face the digital future with a strong armor

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    We offer

    We offer customers a full range of services, from asset management to post trade processing, which allows a new way to structure the functioning of capital markets

    Wealth management

    We help wealth managers implement innovative development strategies, strengthen customer relationships, and optimize work processes

    Asset management

    Capital Markets experts are there to develop topical strategies to grow loyalty and improve operations

    Investment banking

    We help investment banks respond adequately to changes in the industry–from new technologies to accounting for mandatory requirements, from working models

    Market infrastructure

    Our experts work together with stock exchanges, clearing houses, and securities depositories to develop strategies, technologies, and work processes for the next ten years

    Cloud-based asset management services

    Working in the cloud allows professionals to feel more confident, which is extremely important now, in the era of massive digitalization

    Working with private capital

    Our Wealth Management Consumer Report confirms that customers are attracted to comprehensive advice–banking, insurance, and more

    Private capital and sustainability

    With AI's new role in private wealth management and a new culture of sustainability and financial planning, financial firms gain new sources of stability

    Digital financial assets (DFA)

    We will help create the business case for issuing DFA for any assets, develop a smart contract and choose the relevant platform, integrate the new product into customer journeys and overcome forks

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