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Data Governance:
express assessment
and recommendations

A thorough assessment of an organization’s Data Governance readiness is crucial for adapting to the AI era and switching to data-driven decision-making. Businesses must understand their system maturity, industry best practices and potential risks to take advantage of innovative technologies

The importance of timely Data Governance assessments

Modern AI and analytics solutions rely heavily on an organization’s data, making data quality, structure, security, and availability crucial. As data volume grows exponentially, assessing Data Governance systems becomes vital. It provides visibility, reveals maturity, identifies risks, introduces industry benchmarks and guides technology and skill investments to maximize data asset value. Rapid assessment is essential as IT and business landscapes evolve quickly, requiring businesses to adapt promptly, understanding their strengths and weaknesses

Within express assessment and recommendations, Axellect's team helps form guidelines for the data landscape development based on best industrial practices, as well as generate and prioritize the best cases of data use for AI and advanced analytics

SCM as a value creation

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    Data Governance: express assessment
    and recommendations

    The express nature of this service ensures that a customer receives a full assessment
    and recommendations for the data landscape development in a detailed report in just eight weeks

    1 week
    • Team mobilization
    • Identification of key data people within the organization
    4 weeks
    • Interviews with key data people
    • Online assessments with data users and data owners
    • Data practices analysis
    • Review of DWH documentation and organizational documents
    3 weeks
    • Detailed analysis
    • Comparison with leading industrial practices
    • Report preparation, review and presentation
    • Roadmap with indicative resource estimation


    • Current DG Practices Maturity Assessment with reference to industry maturity level
    • Best practices review on each DG Domain
    • Recommendations for improvement/further development of DG Practices
    • Key DG challenges and risks analysis report
    • Data&AI use cases maturity industrial assessment
    • High-level roadmap for further development

    As a result you get current state Data Governance domains maturity heat map with best practices and recommendations

    As a result of the Data Governance express assessment, you get a detailed report with a so-called heat map, an informative scheme highlighting the organization’s critical Data Governance domain maturity levels. We also share industry benchmarks and best practices to make the analytics actionable and provide recommendations for improvement and further data practice development

    Extra consulting services for better Data Governance journey

    Data Governance Literacy (workshops + gamification courses)

    We help your team to learn and understand key principles of Data Governance and see the value in data assets they own

    Sharing experience with DG Experts in your industry

    We select leading world experts in dedicated industry, who have already completed DG journey, and provide workshops and lectures for your team and QA sessions

    Data&AI Initiatives Workshop
    (1-2 day practice to make data bring value)

    Unlock the power of data and AI with our workshop, empowering the team to collaboratively generate hypotheses, facilitated by our expertise, and prioritize them effectively based on organization's data

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