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Information security and risk management are more important than ever. A comprehensive approach to these areas is the only thing that can ensure an organization's resilience and business continuity

Information security
risk management

Digital solutions are an integral part of any business. MES, databases, OT/IOT, cloud technologies, and AI solutions require serious protection

Information security and risk management models are crucial for cost optimization and possible losses assessment, and bring clear understanding of different aspects of current state, ensuring connectivity between an IT department and top management

Our experts will help to develop an information security operating model and strategy, consolidate risk management tools, implement GRC, DevSecOps and SSDLC and many other solutions and processes

SCM as a value creation

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    We offer

    Data protection

    • Data classification and categorisation development
    • Architechture design and cybersecurity tools implementation
    • Data leakage prevention implementation


    • Security threats modeling and analysis
    • Security solutions for networks, clouds, OT/IOT, and mobile devices design and implementation
    • Design and automation of incident response process

    Business continuity

    • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Business disruption scenario modeling
    • Incident response plan, business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan development
    • Business continuity strategy development and strategy support

    Access management

    • Access management products implementation or migration (IDM, CIAM, WIAM)
    • Identity and access management processes design and implementation (including SoD)
    • Priviledge access management (PAM)

    Platform and application security

    • ERP systems (SAP, etc.), CRM systems (SalesForce, etc.) cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity compliance assessment
    • Infrastructure hardening
    • Secure Software Development Lifecycle and DevSecOps

    Monitoring and incident response

    • Incident response process design and automation
    • Security operation center operating model design
    • Security orchestration, automation and response
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