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Axellect at Global Trade and Supply Chain Summit: How to Manage the Unmanageable

Axellect at Global Trade and Supply Chain Summit: How to Manage the Unmanageable

Axellect became an exhibitor and an Associate Sponsor of the third annual Economist’s Impact Global Trade and Supply Chain Summit that was held in Dubai in mid-September. 

During two intense days of the summit, the company showcased its expertise in managing supply chains and trade policies. A special focus was placed on the integration of new technologies into supply chains to improve their visibility, flexibility and resilience. 

The event brought together business leaders and policymakers throughout the trade and supply-chain ecosystem to discuss how to transform the industry to fuel growth and new globalisation.

The summit discourse pinpointed a vital idea: to be able to manage unmanageable situations and processes in the current global turbulent economics, organizations should be constantly adapting their business models while adopting new technologies. Besides, there is currently an additional complexity in managing supply chains stipulated by new logistics, regulations, and climate change issues.

To encompass all the nuances of today’s logistics and trade business, Axellect leverages its decades-long expertise in delivering end-to-end projects to create tangible value for customers. This approach implies all the stages of a digital transformation project, from business consulting to process optimization to system implementation and support. As a result of such transformation, businesses start generating revenue and increasing operational efficiency while reducing costs in logistics, warehousing and manufacturing and improving forecasting and decision-making.  

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