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Implementing Industry X

Our integrated platform has unique capabilities that will help your business undergo a digital transformation, transitioning from Industry 4.0 to Industry X

Not just digitalization: a next-level industry

Today, in an era of dynamic and endless change, another industrial revolution is not enough. What is needed is a full digital transformation of not only our products, but also the way we make them. Creating and mastering qualitatively new approaches to production is precisely what makes the transition to Industry X

Our end-to-end solutions, extensive research experience, and wide arsenal of resources will help bring digital innovation to every stage of your business. And technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, analytics tools, AI, and digital twins will help not only take work with employees and partners to the next level, but also find new revenue sources and productivity growth points

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    We offer

    Applied AI

    Our unique approach to scaling turns AI into a revenue stream for everyone at the enterprise, allowing businesses to significantly increase the return on their investment

    Transformation of basic operations

    Engaging smart technology, from AI to the Internet of Things, helps businesses stay successful even in today's challenging environment

    Industry X innovation network

    The solutions we create allow the most diverse companies, including those involved in the extraction and processing of natural resources, to become part of Industry X

    Closed-cycle economics

    Smart solutions help create alternative business models and new revenue sources for mining and metallurgical companies

    Business digitalization

    We combine advanced technology and analytics with real-time proactive monitoring systems to make business more efficient


    Applying blockchain technology to all aspects of a company's operations, from improving operational efficiency to reaching new markets and creating unique digital products

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