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Supporting and developing business-critical systems against the departure of foreign vendors and service providers

Outsourcing as a strategy for stable and rapid development

We understand outsourcing as the comprehensive management of applications, infrastructure, and the business activities within

Our services include supporting and operating infrastructure and applications (including ERP, MES, SES, logistics, banking and other systems), updating and upgrading them, as well as the full cycle of designing, developing and testing of new applications, and even working with them professionally on behalf of the client (business process outsourcing)

Maintaining, developing, or replacing the systems of vendors who have left the market is a major issue on the current agenda. We have quickly accumulated extensive experience, helped many large companies, starting with our own IT division, and continue to support SAP, Blue Yonder and other foreign systems (including legacy applications) on a par with their domestic counterparts, such as 1C

Along with support services, we offer the benefit of our experience in IT process analysis and optimization, deep automation, support and development cost optimization, project design, and launch of competence centers and development/support factories

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    Support and development for SAP, 1C and other ERP

    Reliable operation and development of both ERP and all additional modules, integration and infrastructure, including legacy versions and modern HANA, as well as 1C of various standard and custom configurations, and other vendors' systems

    Specialized systems

    Support and development of specialized systems (such as Blue Yonder, Quintiq, Apriso, etc.), including production management, quality, scheduling, logistics, and core-banking

    Legacy and custom-designed systems

    We have the methodology and tools to maintain such systems, making it possible to restore missing components and continue development even if the current service provider or vendor unexpectedly terminates support

    Approaches and features

    Deep integration into customer teams

    We apply established customer support and development models, use customer SLAs and tools, integrate our solutions into ongoing processes, and work closely with customer specialists to maximize service impact

    Continuous service improvement and automation

    Our well-developed internal approaches to quality assurance are complemented by customer benefits: we accumulate experience and statistics for specific applications and specific customers, which helps us propose and implement improvements (automatic incident resolution, robotization, proactive problem identification, self-service tools)

    Flexible financial models

    Every customer and project is special. Therefore, we offer different models even for established support and development services: a fixed fee for meeting the indicators in the service level agreement (SLA), expert services with guaranteed volume (Capacity), the T&M work model, and payment for transactions and results that is tied to the customer's business performance

    Seamless support initiation

    Our knowledge transfer, documentation retrieval, and analysis of systems behavior when documentation is absent, is streamlined and can be tailored to each individual case to ensure quick and risk-free migration of applications from the current service provider or internal customer teams to AXELLECT support. Our close interaction with customer teams and contractors easily lets us join the development cycle and start supporting new changes and releases without the customer being inconvenienced

    Flexible service and resource management

    In an ever-changing environment, it may be necessary to change the service scope or quickly bring in additional resources to strengthen internal teams or implement urgent changes. All of this becomes possible with flexible contracts and service assistance provided by a dedicated account manager and a wide pool of AXELLECT specialists

    Resource hubs

    Modern resource hubs are created in Armenia and Kazakhstan, which makes it possible to attract more than 2000 highly qualified specialists from the CIS countries

    Transformational outsourcing

    We are ready to make joint investments into full IT outsourcing (including the transfer of IT employees to AXELLECT), organize management processes and competence centers, and offer the customer the "IT as a service" format. This allows for moving the customer's IT division to AXELLECT, developing it, and then, if required, integrating it back into the customer's organization in a new, optimized state


    Our experts have practical experience working on the customer side at international and Russian integrators. In addition to support services, we help optimize IT production, maintenance, operating model, and cost management so that the customer's IT division can become more agile, reliable, and business-oriented while providing fast time-to-market

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